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NEW!  I have been adapting this to use online for those sincere students who wish to work through it at regular intervals. Contact me if you are interested in pursuing this program and working individually.


This is a year-long program designed to use shamanic tools to uncover each individual's personal quest or mission. This is not about discovering something that aggrandizes a person, but rather to find the path for which one is attuned and to which one brings innate talents and skills. 


At the root of this quest is the idea that we hold certain things to be 'impossible'. During our explorations, we will tend each other in the sense that what you may hold for yourself as impossible, I can easily hold for you as possible. When we open spaces for the impossible to be articulated, made manifest, we are changing a paradigm. 


The three in-person workshops are:


Session One: Gravity

We begin our quest…Who are you? Prep for the workshop includes journaling and journeying to find our place of departure.



Session Two: Life Mission

We deepen our explorations…Where are you going? Prep for the workshop includes journaling, journeying and creating physical 'gift/block' belts to be used in the workshop. 



Session Three: Abilities and Services

We return from the quest having a better idea…Who do you serve? Prep for the workshop includes journaling, journeying and making a mask to be used in the workshop.



This offering is limited to serious explorers. Since we will be relying on each other to bring expertise—our preparation—to the space to build upon it, each participant is asked to make the commitment to attend all three sessions, no exceptions. Making the commitment alone is an illuminating experience. Power is inherent in giving one’s word.


The dates of the workshop for 2020 have yet to be determined.  All sessions will be held in Easton, MD. Time each day will be from 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Session One: Gravity   

Session Two: Life Mission   

Session Three: Abilities and Service   


To register for The Quest, please do so online using the button below. Since this work is about making a serious commitment to follow through with the process, an initial non-refundable deposit of $100 is necessary to hold your place. Then, one week prior to the first session, a payment of $250 is due. A week prior to the second session, a second payment of $250 will be due. The tuition for the final session is also due a week prior to the session, however it will only be for $150, thus using your initial deposit for a total of $250 for the session.




Terra Signs... the book and the Webinars

Part One: Rooting in the Landscape

We belong to Mother Earth. There is no way to get around it. She is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the warmth of our days, the food that we eat. In taking time to establish a deeper relationship with the Earth and Her many faces – forests, oceans, mountains, deserts and more – we find that along with all the other elements in our lives, She has been a constant yet unacknowledged presence, ready to impart wisdom and knowledge if we but open to her communication.


To help you explore your relationship with Earth in order to feel this ceaseless, supportive bond, I have written a book called Terra Signs: Finding Personal Meaning and Significance Through Landscapes. And, with my friend Wendy, we have developed a webinar based on the book to give you personal support as you reach out to build your own sense of relationship with Mother Earth.  

At workshops and in person, so many of you ask me how to keep a spiritual practice "active" between workshops. The answer has always been to delve into a project. I can think of no better project than to engage directly with Mother Earth - who feeds us, supplies the air we breath, and provides us with water to dring. Your personal involvement in a meaningful project becomes an act of service as you open to learning and connecting with the Earth. 


Rooting in the Landscape is just such a project. There are six sessions in the program. Each session includes learning, meditation and experiential exercises to help you grasp the information. Here is a brief introduction to the six sessions.


  • The Bedrock. We begin with our deep connections to the Earth. You will have the opportunity to examine your sense of belonging and your ability to emotionally sense the environment around you.
  • The Surface. In this session you will experience the many ways it is possible to perceive 'space' and 'place.' You will take note of the differences between places that are 'cookie cutter' and repetitious in form versus those that provide variety and breaks in patterns. 
  • Origins: The Cosmos. In this session we begin the consideration of origins - both from a cosmic and a more Terra-based perspective. In this section, we explore personal stories of landscape connection.
  • The Architects. This session introduces the idea that there are forces that build the landscapes we experience. Who are these forces keeping and guarding the features around us? How can we encounter them on a personal basis?
  • The Inhabitants. We share Mother Earth with other beings. Who are these other beings? We can find clues to our cohabitants in a variety of ways, which we will explore in this session.
  • Sacred Places. As we close our series, we look at the idea of what it means for a place to be 'sacred.' We come to see our life here on Mother Earth as a pilgrimage, a journey into the physical to find our spiritual nature.

Rooting in the Landscape is all about expanding and deepening your relationship with Mother Earth through personal exploration. 


It seems critical at this time that we recognize the vital importance of our connection and belonging to Mother Earth. I look forward to sharing the material from Terra Signs with you and tending your journey of exploration. 


The six-session webinar is in a pre-recorded format that you can enjoy at your own pace. It runs eight weeks as it includes a HeartMath introductory coaching session and an interview on the topic of the Spirit Mate. 


The tuition: $147 

It includes:

-a copy of the book Terra Signs

-six one-hour sessions


-HearthMath introductory coaching session

-Spirit Mate interview


You may sign up by clicking the button above,


by sending me a check for $147 to "Robinson Shaman Tracks" to Shana Robinson, P O Box 1407, Easton, MD 21601. Make sure to include your name and contact information.


Thank you!


Touch the Earth, Light your Inner Fire & Shine!!


Part Two: Terra Cards: Discovering and Divining Terra Signs

(TBA )



Part Two of the Terra Signs series moves from the larger guiding principles of Part One into the intimacies of individual landscapes called terra signs. (You can jump right into Part Two without Part One.) As the terra signs are encountered, the project uses them as a base to design and create a personal oracle deck of cards for use in divination.  Mother Earth nurtures us in all ways including interfacing with us to instruct and inform.


We interact with landscapes all the time and when we move through landscapes there is a great unharvested potential awaiting our attention. And, as landscapes slip away through various environmental pressures, it is critical to pay attention now before the wisdom is gone forever.


On the personal level: why would we want to take our questions to Mother Earth?

  • Mother Earth is always present. Even when we think that we are alone and that there is no one to ask for help, She’s there.

  • Mother Earth and the terra signs are different pools of information. Possibilities for new perspectives are great!



Email me if you'd like to be on the list for updates on launching.


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