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Here are a few guidelines as you approach a practitioner. While practitioners are in a position to be helpful and perform what could be called a 'service' role in our society, respect for them and their helping spirits is always appropriate.


Traditionally, it is not the practice of the shaman to have a fee schedule for services that are provided. In fact, until a shaman takes on the task of helping someone and goes to his or her helping spirits for guidance, the shaman doesn’t know for certain what the specific services will be or if it is a case that he or she will accept.


Much like a physician making a physical diagnosis, it is the role of the shaman and his or her helping spirits not the client to make the spiritual diagnosis or treatment.


Thus, when seeking the assistance of a modern day shamanic practitioner, it is the client’s responsibility to offer a gift for services provided knowing that the practitioner has spent a great deal of time and resources in learning techniques, but also time in cultivating relationships with helping spirits. While all gifts are lovely and appreciated, keep in mind that the practitioner has basic survival needs like food and shelter. Gifts that are in the respected currency of mortgage companies, credit cards and shops are completely appropriate.


Also, in requesting help, it is suggested that you ask permission to disclose details prior to writing a lengthy treatise. This is a sign of respect for a practitioner's time. And, if the practitioner and his or her spirits do not agree to take on the case, you have retained your privacy. 


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