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On September 12, 2021, the people of the Faroe Islands engaged in a mass slaughter of 1428 White-sided Dolphins. Behind the veil of 'tradition', a mega-pod was ushered up an eight-mile fjord to a beach where individuals including infants, pregnant females and elders were beached, prevented from escape, and killed. Many had their spinal cords severed and others had their blowholes ripped apart. 


This was an event that shocked much of the world and ripped into our hearts. These beings are large-brained, sentient mammals, close to us in ways too innumberable to list, who were the focus of a blood bath in the sea and the subsequent celebration. Allegedly killed for food, there were too many killed this year, and bodies were wastefully dumped into a pit, a mass grave. 


While we recognize the hunting lifeways of indigenous people living an indigenous style, the Faroe Islands are one of the wealthiest spots in Europe. It would appear that the use of 'traditional' to describe this activity is a diversionary tactic that allows for a perversity of the human character to surface. 


We have engaged in our own letter writing campaign to advocate for our fellow beings. We have contacted the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, the European Comission and a number of businesses with headquarters in the islands. As yet (Nov. 19, 2021), the only response we have had has been from the European Commission.  We have sent John Lilly's book titled Communication Between Man and Dolphin: The possibilities of talking with other species to the Prime Minister. 


There is only so much that we can do. However, if enough of us work together, perhaps we can make a difference. Below are links to my correspondence so that you may use them as an example for your letter writing campaign should you be so inclined. 


Bless the Cetacean and all our relations! 


My initial correspondence to the Faroe Islands Prime Minister is below (scroll down).


Here is the link to further letters sent to Faroe Islands businesses, Sea Sheperd, the Prime Minister and the European Commission.

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Text to my email to the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands on Sept. 15, 2021


Attn: Prime Minister


How would you like to see your child dragged onto a beach by merciless humans who then slit his/her throat so that she dies in agony, her screams echoing in your mind as you are immersed in the blood of your friends and relatives many of whom have been slashed or hooked by the monstrous humans? This is what the dolphins, those who survived the first moments of your slaughter, had to endure. The utter brutality and senselessness of it is mind numbing. 


I can't imagine what it's like to have so much blood on one's hands. I'll check in with my pathetic Army buddies who slaughtered the men, women, old people, infants, children of My Lai, Vietnam; I'm sure that they can help me understand what it's like to kill so cruelly, so thoroughly. But in My Lai, only 500 or so at the most were massacred. Your slaughter involved over 1400 dolphins. 


Yours is now the most reviled nation on the Planet Earth. Your men have committed the most heinous of crimes against our Planet,against the sea, against the family of mammals, against the nations of cetaceans. Against me as well, for I take your barbarism personally. I referred to your men, but they are not men. These are monsters who take the most perverse of joys in ending the lives of highly intelligent, beautiful, sensitive and defenseless creatures who roam the seas in joy and brotherhood. These things you call men are psychopaths. They are bullies. They are cowards. They are sadists. I assume that they are insane. They murder God's innocent children of the sea. They are now roundly hated the world over. Hate is a terrible thing and has consequences for both the hated and the haters. But your nation has inspired this terrible hatred which will not abate perhaps ever, even into eternity. And if you think that your unspeakable deeds are not noticed by those who await you on the Other Side, you are very much mistaken.


I would say, God have mercy on your souls. But you don't deserve mercy, not at the moment. There is no bringing the murdered dolphins back into the sea. Not ever.  Is atonement possible for you? If I were you, I would speak to the Earth, to your God, to the loving spirits of the Heavenly Realms, whatever and ask for forgiveness and for what you can do to promote life on the Earth, not death at which your people are so proficient.


I wish for justice for the slaughtered innocents. 


Philip D. Robinson


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