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Books by Dana & Shana

All of our books are available on Amazon. And so is our new fiction titled SKY TIDE. We had a great time writing the book with our beekeeper friend Matt. 


While it's not our book, we do have material included in it...

We are thrilled for our friend Dr. Joseph Mancini whose new book titled The Present Power of Past Lives: The Experts Speak is now available at Amazon. Look for us in Chapter Six and in Appendix III. Congratulations Joe!!!

Shamanism & the Spirit Mate is an exploration of the divine partner cross culturally. The divine partner, also known as a Spirit Mate, has been known to assist us as we address our needs for relationship, healing and love. The potential in a Spirit Mate relationship is an enriched and expanded world view that deepens spiritual connections to all life and inspires creativity.


A Shamanic Altar is a collection of memories from Dana's three decades in shamanism. Using objects from his altar, Dana tells stories that teach. 

Dana's new book...available now!

Terra Signs: Finding Personal Meaning and Significance Through Landscapes introduces the reader to the multiple dimensions of landscape and encourages personal connection via experience. 

Shana's new available! Check out the landscape page for the webinar!

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