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Michael Harner's Basic Workshop, The Way of the Shaman, sponsored by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, is the only acceptable prerequisite for entrance into the Foundation's advanced weekend workshops and the Two-Week and Three-Year advanced training programs.


*Unless otherwise noted, contact Dana Robinson directly at


FSS reserves the right to change or cancel any program if necessary. In such cases, enrolled participants will be notified promptly and deposits refunded or applied to another program. Deposits for workshops that are held as scheduled are non-refundable.



Once you have selected a program from the list below, contacted Dana for details, and decided to attend, you may register and pay for the workshop using the Payment button below.


Please understand that a non-refundable deposit is required for you to be registered for a workshop. (If the workshop is not held as scheduled, your deposit will be refunded.) This is necessary to obtain an accurate head count so that you may be afforded the best learning opportunity. Even if you tell us you are coming, you are not counted as attending until a deposit is received.

2017 Workshops




May 20 -21           Doylestown, PA     Shamanism Dying & Beyond

June 3 - 4              Sarasota, FL         Shamanic Dreamwork

June 10 - 11          Easton, MD            Shamanic Extraction Healing

July 22 - 23          Mt. Airy, MD         The Way of the Shaman Basic

August 19 - 20      Mt. Airy, MD         Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature

August 26 - 27      Elkins, WV            Shamanic Dreamwork

September 9 - 10  Columbus, OH      Shamanism Dying & Beyond

Sept 30 - Oct 1      Miami, FL             The Way of the Shaman Basic

October 14 - 15     Beltsville, MD        The Way of the Shaman Basic

October 21 - 22    Doylestown, PA       The Way of the Shaman Basic

November 18 - 19 Doylestown, PA     TBD - Advanced workshop

December 9 - 10  Beltsville, MD         TBD - Advanced workshop





2017 NON FSS Workshops


Watch this space!


See Shana's page for other offerings. 

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